Areas of Activity

Recent areas

Guaranteed sales of agricultural products

Gather products according to specified characteristics and sell them on beneficial terms

Profitable organic crops growing

Grow organic spelt, garlic, beans, chicory, other cultures, and sells them at market prices through the Cooperative

Anxiety for community and continuing education

Take part in seminars and trainings that can improve your skills in the areas of crop production, breeding and organic farming

Successful breeding

Use the artificial insemination program and grow meat breed cattle, which is more profitable than milk collection

Legal support of the cooperative

Use free professional consultation from experienced lawyers in the sphere of constitutional, administrative, land and labour law

Environmental protection

Get the consultations about the proper crop rotation, switching to alternative forms of energy and improve the sanitary conditions of your territory

Preferential acquisition of farming tools

Buy qualitative seeds, mineral and organic fertilizers, the original veterinary medicines at discounted prices

Poultry breeding

Organize mini poultry farm in your own household, and receive a monthly income.

Perspective areas

Life activity safety

Take the opportunity to protect your property and to provide the enforcement due to the special cooperative groups work

Qualitative health service

Take part in preferential health insurance and get the access to professional annual medical examination, diagnostics and disease treatment

Financial services providing

Get profitable loans, put money on deposit, use all the benefits of insurance

Organic standards of work

Complete the earth certification procedure and multiply your own income in twice from crops growing


To ensure the welfare of every Ukrainian villager, creating the best conditions for its economic, social and personal development

Hotlines Khmelnytskyi region

+38 (096) 925 77 75,
+38 (095) 158 77 75,
+38 (073) 496 77 75

Hotlines Chernivtsi region

+38 (096) 845 99 44,
+38 (099) 417 99 33,


Ukraine, 29015, Khmelnytskyi,
3/2 block 5/2-1, Zarichanska St.