The current program

The First National Agricultural Cooperative provides an opportunity to develop your farm in different directions – cattle breeding, organic crops growing, harvesting, etc.

From the firsthand

«The First National Agricultural Cooperative gives the faith to the farmers that they can get a decent income from their own farms, that they can be successful and happy, and the village can be perspective and prosperous! I was born in the village and I know how to work in the native land, though it is hard but you get the great pleasure. Therefore, I want to support people who work very hard and deserve to be rich»

Andrii Sapizhenko, Chairman of the First National Agricultural Cooperative

«For the first time in many years, I can sell the products from my own land at a high price. Now, when you have to carry your grown vegetables and collected nuts to the market, you can’t be sure if it is possible to sell them, such proposal of the Cooperative is very actual»

Vasyl Melnyk, a member of the First National Agricultural Cooperative

«Cooperation is not just a cooperative as a legal institution. First of all, it’s a process of maturity and cooperation between people who want to change their lives for better and share a high level of welfare. Cooperation is a school of life. Cooperative ideology can be accepted only by those who are willing to work hard, who can listen to each other and share a piece of bread»

Zinovy Svereda, president of the Ukrainian Cooperative Alliance

«The goal to become the most successful Ukrainian Cooperative is laid in our title. We want to be leaders in everything. But on the first place in the agricultural sector, we want to put the typical Ukrainian villager, who must get a decent reward for his hard work. We unite for ourselves and our children, because no one else will help us»

Valentin Knysh, one of the founders of the First National Agricultural Cooperative


To ensure the welfare of every Ukrainian villager, creating the best conditions for its economic, social and personal development

Hotlines Khmelnytskyi region

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+38 (073) 496 77 75

Hotlines For Chernivtsi region

+38 (096) 845 99 44,
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