About us


Honesty and openness

The cooperative is opened to everyone who wishes to work and wishes to use our services. Voluntary introduction, documentary support of all transactions, the contractual relationship between the cooperative and its members - the basis of fair and transparent cooperation

Respect each other

Cooperative members are involved in the management of the company, provide support to each other, they are responsible for its activities, recognize equality and respect each other's work

Professionalism and constant development

The cooperative provides education and training for their members, elected representatives, managers and employees so they can make an effective contribution to the organization development


The cooperative provides the necessary conditions for the joint activities of its members, the maximum satisfaction of the members and association interests, as well as effective goals achievements.

Thrifty attitude to the land

The aims of the cooperative activities are the implementation of the organic farming, the usage of crop rotation, the cultivation of crops which are not exhaustible for soils.

Geography of our activities


The Cooperative united the best specialists on agriculture with great experience, interesting new ideas on how to develop the members of the FNAK and improve their country.


To ensure the welfare of every Ukrainian villager, creating the best conditions for its economic, social and personal development

Hotlines Khmelnytskyi region

+38 (096) 925 77 75,
+38 (095) 158 77 75,
+38 (073) 496 77 75

Hotlines Chernivtsi region

+38 (096) 845 99 44,
+38 (099) 417 99 33,


Ukraine, 29015, Khmelnytskyi,
3/2 block 5/2-1, Zarichanska St.